Metal Shrinker

Metal Shrinker or Shrinker/Stretchers for Sheet Metal Fabrications

Get the Right Metal Shrinker Parts for the Job

Mittler Bros. manufacturers a range of metal shrinker units, shrinker/stretcher combinations, sheet metal brakes, presses, bending equipment, notchers, handheld metal forming tools, and other useful products that are essential for machinists, auto body shops, racing teams and manufacturers. If you need to bend, cut, shape, finish or otherwise manipulate sheet metal for parts or custom fabrications, then you need to investigate the durable, rugged, long-lasting 3/8” steel plate-constructed products available direct to small businesses from Mittler Bros. and Tanner Racing Products.

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Metal Shrinker/Metal Stretcher Tools and Accessories

The Mittler Bros. product line of metal shrinkers, metal stretchers and related accessories are essential for prepping sheet metal for final fabrication/shaping for assembly. Our devices offer small machine shops, DIYers, auto body shops, racing teams and even parts manufacturers the needed flexibility for fabricating standard OEM parts or for parts customization that may be unique for each job.

The right equipment increases productivity and reduces the hassle your shop may have once faced without the appropriate sheet metal tooling equipment. Metal shrinker units and parts include:

Powered Metal Shrinker/Stretcher (Complete with Kit)

  • Complete Shrinker/Stretcher Unit
  • Body/Base made of 3/8” steel plating
  • Maximum sheet metal capacities include 14 gauge aluminum (0.062”), 16 gauge mild steels (0.06”), and 19 gauge stainless steel (0.043”)
  • The Complete Metal Shrinker/Stretcher Kit includes:
    • Complete Power Unit Kit (also sold separately)
    • Metal Shrinker Body
    • Metal Stretcher Body
    • Shrinker Jaws
    • Metal Stretcher Jaws
    • Cartridges
    • Removable Grip Handle

Metal Shrinker/Stretcher Combo Unit

  • One Metal Shrinker/Stretcher Combo body
  • One Set of Shrinker Jaws and one Stretcher Jaws Set
  • One Removable Grip Handle

Metal Shrinker/Stretcher Set

  • One Shrinker/Stretcher Body Pair (additional pairs available, sold separately)
  • One Shrinker Body and one Stretcher Body
  • Shrinker/Stretcher Jaws
  • Removable Grip Handle

Complete Kit

  • Power Kit only, less cartridges and bodies
  • This is the Power Kit with the Complete Power Shrinker/Stretcher Unit (see above)

Shrinker/Stretcher Deep Throat (Press Tooling) also available

Replacement Parts and Additional Accessories

  • Shrinker Body - one Shrinker Body, Jaws and a Removable Handle (separate Stretcher Body available)
  • Shrinker Jaws Replacement Part (Stretcher Jaws available)
  • Replacement Body
  • Replacement Handle with Vinyl Grip

Metal shrinker units and stretcher units are ideal for DIYers, for classic car restorations, for repair shops, auto body shots, small parts manufacturers, race teams, custom racecar fabrications and are also quite handy for boating/marine and aircraft/aviation parts fabrication, maintenance, repairs and for fabricating parts replacements.

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