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Pipe notcher equipment or tube notchers are essential products for automotive repair shops, racing teams, sheet metal parts fabricators and many other businesses. Mittler Bros. has been designing industrial automation equipment and machine shop equipment and tools for over 30 years. With manufacturing and fabricating facilities just west of the St. Louis metropolitan area, our products are indeed “Made in the USA” and shipped nationwide.

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing products are the pipe notcher/tube notcher manufacturer and supplier that you can rely upon to deliver equipment that will stand the test of time. Our durable, dependable, and easy-to-operate notching equipment and accessories are designed for daily shop work and sheet metal fabrications.

Pipe Notcher Supplier or Tube Notchers Are Available from Mittler Bros.

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Mittler Bros. Pipe Notchers and Accessories

Our innovative designs and easy-to-use pipe and tube notching equipment, benders, shrinker/stretchers, shears, sheet metal brakes and other equipment allows small shops to fabricate or repair pieces, panels, doors and other products from standard sheet metals including aluminum, mild steels, brass, alloys and stainless steel. Once your shop is set up with Mittler Bros. equipment, pipe notchers and accessories, you can deliver fabrications at affordable prices.

Expand your services and clientele base with Mittler Bros.’ notching equipment including:

  • Ultimate Pipe Notcher (Single Speed)
    • End mill design allows fast sheet metal removal and notching times
    • Standard capacity for ½” to 2"; and ¾” to 2-3/8" on upgrade notcher models
    • Quick setups and a “V” block design for easy usage
    • Superior notches with minimal cope time
    • Swivel vises
    • TIG welding (perfect fits)
    • Optional adjustable vises for difficult offset notching
  • Ultimate Pipe Notcher (Variable Speed)
    • Our highest quality pipe notcher design allows quick notching and reduced cope times
    • Superior product with over 24 years of real world testing—this model pipe notcher has years of proven use in machine shops and repair businesses
    • 75 - 250 RPM adjustable cutter speed controls
    • 1-½ HP AC motor; 15 Amps for operation; uses 1 Phase 50/60 cycle mode
    • No refrigerant/coolant needed for this notcher
    • Perfect TIG weld fits for notching on sheet metals
    • Portable tool
    • Optional adjustable vises for more difficult offset notching
  • Double-Sided VS Ultimate Tube Notcher model available
  • Hydraulic Pipe Notching Equipment
    • Standard Hydraulic Pipe Notcher - 10 ton ram capacity; the best model for use on 2" O.D. pipe and tubing with up to a .154" wall
    • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pipe Notcher w/Cylinder - 10 ton ram capacity; this notcher model is ideal for 2-3/8" O.D. (2" pipe or tubing) with up to a .154" wall
    • Hydraulic pipe notcher accessories include standard dies (1” to 2”); additional notcher dies (1” to 2-3/8”); and replacement punches
    • Air and electric hydraulic pumps available
  • Hole Saw Notchers
    • Standard Steel Hole Saw Notcher
    • Deluxe Aluminum Hole Saw Notcher
    • Models have a ¾” to 2” hole saw notching options
    • Automatic pipe/tubing centering
    • Accurate notches for ½” to 2” pipes/tubing

Additionally, we offer custom fabricated parts and metal fabrications. If you need metalworking or metal forming tools, equipment or fabrication services, then, Mittler Bros. has the racing parts, automotive restoration parts, tools and equipment that you need to finish the job.

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