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Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment Manufactured in Missouri

If you are looking for a sheet metal rotary machine, bead rolls and accessories, then choose equipment from a leading sheet metal fabrication equipment manufacturer, Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products. With equipment designed for automotive use, racing teams, and for auto body and repair shops, Mittler Bros. (near St. Louis, Missouri) is a leading supplier of standard and fine art metal shaping equipment of all kinds. We are pleased to offer equipment designed for automotive customization, to meet the needs of racing teams (NASCAR, Bandolero, Formula 1s, other racing circuits, and even for Go-Karts), and also to offer our customers the Jamey Jordan Signature Series for sheet metal, fine art fabrications.

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products designs, engineers, and manufacturers automotive and aviation-grade equipment in Missouri.  We also ship products nationwide and worldwide.

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Sheet Metal Rotary Machine Options

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products manufactures a wide range of sheet metal rotary machine products, accessories and many different styles of bead rollers including power-drive bead rollers, high throat bead rollers, and industrial variable speed bead rollers.  Our rotary machines include a 10” Throat Variable Speed Rotary Machine Kit, a 14” Throat Variable Speed Rotary Machine Kit, and a Rotary Machine Depth Stop (fits all standard rotary machines).

Mittler Bros. Manufacturers Rotary Machine Bead Rolls

Mittler Bros. manufacturers a variety of Rotary Machine Bead Rolls with additional accessories including round bead roll sets, step roll sets, flat roll sets, specialty roll sets, edge roll sets, and a range of bead roller accessories.

Also, we manufacture High Throat High Crown Bead Rolls with a range of additional accessory bead roll sets including round bead roll sets, step roll sets, flat roll sets, specialty roll sets, and edge roll sets.

Choose the Jamey Jordan Signature Series for Fine Art Applications

For sheet metal fine art applications, customization and other work, choose the Jamey Jordan Signature Series. This series features fine art bead roll sets, power-drive bead rollers, bead roller kits, the Jamey Jordan Art Roll Set, and other specific rolls sets including an art roll, solid roll, solid groove roll, universal groove roll, soft step set. Additional accessories in this series include oval punch and flares, and adjustable, upper bead roller shafts and upgrade kits.

We design and engineer all of our machinery and accessories, including sheet metal rotary machine equipment and accessories to last. Many equipment models are manufactured from durable, thick steel plating and our equipment is fully tested in the real world, in automotive shops. If you need specialized equipment, please feel free to contact us about custom-engineered equipment solutions and industrial automation solutions.

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