Shrinker Stretcher Set

Shrinker Stretcher Set, Bodies, Accessories for Sheet Metal Fabrications

A shrinker stretcher set and accessories are ideal for forming compound sheet metal curves or complex curves and bends. Generally, shrinker stretchers work on a wide range of sheet metals or compound sheets including aluminum, mild steels, stainless steels, bronze, copper and other metals. For most shrinker stretchers, the shrinker is used to form compound exterior radius curves and the stretcher is used to form interior radius curves.

Additionally, the more secure the unit (bench-mounted for instance) the better the results, particularly on multiple radius curves.

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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication, Manufacturing and Repairs

Besides usage for custom work or general fabricating, your shrinker stretcher set is a great tool for custom sheet metal panel fabrications that you will not likely find for restoration projects or repairing obsolete vehicles or equipment. Used in conjunction with other sheet metal fabrication tools, fabrication, manufacturing and repairs are considerably easier and quicker for machinists and repair personnel.

Shrinker Stretcher Sets and Accessories

Mittler shrinker stretcher sets and accessories parts include standard and replacement parts. Our product line includes:

  • Powered Shrinker Stretcher Set with Complete Kit
    • Complete shrinker stretcher set/unit with base made from 3/8” steel plating
    • Maximum sheet metal capacities—aluminum at 14 gauge (0.062”), mild steels at 16 gauge (0.06”), and stainless steels at 19 gauge (0.043”)
    • The complete kit comes with the complete power unit kit has a shrinker body, a stretcher body, cartridges, shrinker jaws, stretcher jaws and a removable handle
  • Shrinker Stretcher Set
    • One shrinker stretcher body pair (additional pairs available, sold separately)
    • Shrinker body with jaws and removable handle
    • Stretcher body with jaws and removable handle
  • Shrinker Stretcher Combination Unit
    • One shrinker stretcher combo body
    • Jaws include one set of shrinker jaws and of stretcher jaws
    • Removable handle included
  • Shrinker Stretcher Deep Throat (Press Tooling)
  • Replacement Parts
    • Shrinker body with jaws and handle
    • Stretcher body with jaws and handle
    • Shrinker jaws
    • Stretcher jaws
    • Power kit only
    • Replacement body only
    • Replacement handle (only) with vinyl grip

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