Tire Management System

Choose the Portable, Extreme Tire Management System for Mechanics or Pit Crews

Highly Accurate Tire Management System for Racing

Choose the Extreme Tire Management System available from Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products for race teams and automotive shops.  This advanced racing tire management system offers mechanics a highly accurate, portable system that provides read-outs for tire management and safety; you can manage multiple tires at one time as well.  Your automotive team at Tanner Racing Products engineers and fabricates equipment and parts for high-end automotive uses, specifically for racing applications.  We manufacture tire management systems, tire gauges, alignment equipment, scales and many other products for NASCAR stock cars, Formula 1s, and for the lightweight classes (under 1,000 lbs.) including Bandolero, Quarter Midgets and even for Go-Karts.

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Lightweight Tire Management System Is Ideal for Shops or Outdoors at the Races

The Tire Management System, available from Tanner Racing Products, is quite accurate, regardless of whether the vehicle is at the shop or you are out racing and need correct readings.   This system it lightweight and portable and does not require a separate electric source to function (battery powered).  This system allows pit crews or mechanics to purge tires of essentially all humidity, reduces pressure build up by an average of 2-4 PSI.  Our advanced Tire Management System has many features that are beneficial to pit crews or mechanics.

Some of the specific features include:

  • —System manifold allows mechanics to get readings and check pressures on up to six tires at one time
  • —Digital readout from a very accurate tire management system (digital accuracy)
  • —A quick release feature includes a Self-Locking Valve Stem Coupler
  • —The readout has a removable lid designed to protect the electronics during transport and storage
  • —A carrying case for manifold and hoses is included with the system

Additionally, you can use this system to fill multiple tires at once—quite handy, and extremely useful for field checks.

Add Accurate Tire Gauges to Your Tool Set

Currently, we have an assortment of highly accurate tire gauges, accessories and tire gauge replacement parts.  No racing team or automotive business should be without tire gauges from Tanner Racing Products.

Our featured gauges include:

  • 4” Monster Tire Gauges—gauge with case (or head only parts options); 4” face (easy to read), a 45˚ Swivel Chuck, and a Protective Bumper; models are rated for 15 PSI, 30 PSI or 60 PSI
  • Night Bright Tire Gauges—electroluminescent internal lighting for the gauge; the product includes a Protective Bumper, a 45˚ Swivel Chuck and a storage case; models are rated for 15 PSI, 30 PSI or 60 PSI
  • 2.5” Liquid Filled Tire Gauges—choice of gauges or Gauge Heads rated for 15 PSI, 30 PSI or 60 PSI; 45˚ Swivel Chuck, glycerin filled for shock resistance; this product comes with a Protective Bumper
  • 2.5” Deluxe Tire Gauges—choice of gauges or Gauge Heads rated for 15 PSI, 30 PSI or 60 PSI; precision movement for repeatable pressures; and a 45˚ Swivel Chuck with Protective Bumper
  • 2.5” Glow in the Dark Tire Gauges—choice of gauges or Glow Gauge Heads rated for 15 PSI, 30 PSI or 60 PSI; 1 lb. resolution with a 2” face, a 45˚ Swivel Chuck and Protective Bumper
  • Replacement Parts (Tire Gauges)—2” and 2.5” Replacement Glass; 2.5” and 4” Replacement Acrylic Face options; and 2” and 2.5” Replacement Boots

Tanner Racing Products and Mittler Bros. offer a huge selection of mechanical and handheld shop equipment and tools for all of your sheet metal fabrication applications.  If you need assistance choosing the correct products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Choose the Extreme Tire Management System for Your Mechanics or Pit Crew—Contact Tanner Racing Products

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