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Mittler Bros., a leader in specialty, custom and racing equipment, tube benders, metal fabrication and finishing machinery and products, produces standard tube bending equipment and custom industrial automation equipment for small repair shops, race car teams (NASCAR, formula 1, go karts, etc.), car dealers, mechanics and automotive aficionados. Mittler Bros. and Tanner Racing Products are “Made in the USA” in Wright City, just west of the St. Louis metropolitan area. We gladly ship standard machinery and custom fabrications to customers all over the US and throughout the world.

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Tube Benders and Automotive Tube Bending Equipment

Tube benders are essential for high-end racing and automotive repairs including working on car frames, security cage, pipes and tubing, and other finishing or repair requirements. Mittler Bros. carries a range of high quality products that are ideal for the race circuits or for metal fabricators and repair shops. With Mittler products, you get what you pay for. All of our products are durable and designed to meet the needs of repair shops and racing teams.

Some of the tube bending machinery available direct from Mittler Bros. includes:

  • 180˚Hydraulic Tube Bender – our top-of-the-line 25 ton ram, powered tube bender with portable work stand (hydraulic pump separate)
  • 90˚ Portable Hydraulic Tube Bender – a slim, easy to use and carry bender with 25 ton ram capacity
  • Manual 180˚ Tube Bender – ideal for driveshaft loops, easy to mount, uses round or square shoes and bends tubing up to 1 inch O.D.
  • Hydraulic Tube Bender Shoes and Sets - 180˚, 90˚ round, square and pipe shoe sets capable of bending tubing/pipes from ¾ inch to 2 inches; metric shoes available
  • Manual 180˚ Tube Bender Shoes and Sets – works on round, square and pipe shoe sets ranging from ¾ inch to 3 ½ inches; sets include round, square, square eccentric, and degree wheel and round eccentric sets
  • Tube Bender Accessories – adjustable saddles for 90˚ and 180˚ benders (easy release “V” block eliminates stuck saddles), Bend Stop for 180˚ Benders, air and electric hydraulic pumps, digital read out monitor, bend protractors and assemblies sets for 4 inch to 8 inch tubing; instructional DVD available
  • Bending Design Software – we offer design software (ideal for frames) including Bend Tech EZ, Bend Tech EZ-3D and Bend Tech Pro (third member assemblies and manufacturing instructions)

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At Mittler Bros. and Tanner Racing Products, you can rest assured that quality, “Made in the USA” products, tube benders, instructions, equipment, accessories and custom fabrication are available for repair shops, car parts manufacturers, racecar drivers and teams, car aficionados, and for anyone with a passion for cars!

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