Art Roll Step Kit (4 Rolls)

Jamey Jordan Signature Series Art Roll Step Kit

Jamey Jordan Signature Series

The ability to use the Top Nylatron Art Roll, with the lower step rolls, is to work in small extremely tight areas that do not effect the outside areas. The Top Art Roll allows the creation of highly defined steps and bead profiles.

Includes: 202-101-D, 202-090, 202-091, 202-092


Rolls are Nylatron (plastic or Delrin)
Nylatron Rolls are Ideal for Pre-Finished Materials as well as Copper, Brass & Thin Aluminum

Bead Roller Sold Separately

Lower Rolls Are Nylatron Plastic

All Standard Roll Sets 2-1/2" OD x 3/4"ID

More Information
Part 202-095
Bead Profile Step
Throat Height 1-1/8"
Roll Type Standard
Series Jamey Jordan Signature Series

For Use with all Standard (1-1/8” Throat) Bead Rollers

Models: 210-24, 210-24NV, 200-36, 200-36NV, 200-42, 210-24M, 202-24, 202-24NV, 202-36 & 202-36NV

These Rolls Work Best When Used With A Bead Roller With Adjustable Shaft

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