English Wheels for Sale

English Wheels for Sale Direct from the Manufacturer, Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool

Machine Shop Equipment Manufacturer Has English Wheels for Sale

English Wheels for sale from Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool (and Tanner Racing Products) are durable, well-built, rugged machine shop equipment that is ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses, automotive repair or auto body shops, for racing teams, or sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing job shops of all kinds.  Mittler Brothers has English Wheels for sale including a Standard Bench Mount English Wheel, a Floor Model English Wheel, and a Metal Shaping Station, as well.  We manufacture these English Wheels, kits, accessories, machine parts, and other items in the U.S.A.

Contact Mittler Brothers for more information or product details about our English Wheels (Standard or Bench Mount), about our Metal Shaping Station, about English Wheel Anvils, English Wheel Kits, machined parts and other items.  You may of course order direct online at the Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool e-commerce store.

With over 30 years in the business as manufacturers of sheet metal fabrication equipment and machine shop equipment, you can rely on our designs to be thoroughly tested and manufactured to last for many years to come.  Businesses or individual customers may call us locally in Wright City, MO, at 636-745-7757—just west of the St. Louis metropolitan region—or, call us nationwide at 800-467-2464.  Additionally, you reach us by e-mail at: sales@mittlerbros.com.

English Wheels for Sale by Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool

Mittler Brothers has English Wheels for sale direct to our business customers, machinists, repair, fabrication or manufacturing businesses, or for individual customers.  Currently, we offer the English Wheel models listed below as well as related kits, English Wheel Anvils, and other products.

Our Bench Mount English Wheels include the following:

Mittler Brothers also manufactures and sells a floor model style English Wheel that is ideal for a wide range of fabrication and job shop tasks.  This model’s specifications and features includes:

  • Floor Model English Wheel
  • —Compact, free-standing English Wheel
  • —Rugged 3” x 4” x ¼” tube construction
  • —This model English Wheel for sale has a maximum capacity of 16 Gauge (0.060”) Mild Steels and 10 Gauge (0.100”) soft Aluminum grades
  • —This English Wheel has a 72” overall height and a 50” overall depth
  • —36-½” Deep Throat
  • —30” Throat height
  • —2-½” O.D. x 2” Wide Anvil Wheels
  • —7” O.D. x 2” Wide Upper Wheel
  • —Built-in Anvil Wheel Holder
  • —Adjustable Anvil Wheel Angle
  • — “CAM” Action Release on the Top Wheel allows user change-out the anvil quickly and easily
  • —Kick Wheel manual pressure adjustment feature
  • —Five Anvil Wheels are included with the sale of this English Wheel
  • —Casters on the floor stand including two fixed casters and one caster with swivel with lock options

Metal Shaper Station for Sale by Mittler Brothers

As part of our line of English Wheels for sale to businesses and individuals, Mittler Brothers as designed and engineered a very useful Metal Shaper Station that is an asset to any machine shop.

The current Metal Shaper Station available from Mittler Brothers offers the following feature, benefits and specifications:

  • —Metal Shaper Station comes as a complete package with an equipment stand, Shrinker/Stretcher Body with Jaws, one Forming Head (MFH09 Classic Bowl), a 12” Shot Bag, and also with six Lower Anvil Wheels
  • —Unique Upper Wheel “CAM” Release, foot-operated Shrinker/Stretcher design
  • —CNC-machined, heat-treated steel frame and construction
  • —Maximum sheet metal capacity is 16 Gauge (0.060”) Mild Steel grades and 10 Gauge (0.100”) soft Aluminum grades
  • —The Metal Shaping Work Cell features:  hammering/blocking to pre-form custom Aluminum or steel parts; shrinking; stretching; wheeling and raising metal panels; and, planishing (review our Planishing Hammers)
  • —Working Height is 47” x Width 52” x Depth 55”
  • —Maximum anvil opening is 1”
  • —Upper Wheel specifications:  2” width x 4-½” diameter
  • —Rolls are case-hardened
  • —Six Anvil Wheels are included with the purchase of this model
  • —Overall weight of this model is 475 lbs.

You can review machinery demonstration videos of many of our products online at the Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products YouTube! channel.

English Wheel Anvils and Accessories for Sale

Mittler Brothers also offers customers a wide range of accessory items for our Standard Bench Mount English Wheel and also for our Floor Model English Wheel.  Be sure to take a look at these additional Anvil Wheels and other accessory items to complete your purchase.

Currently, Mittler Brothers offers the following Anvil Wheels and Accessories:

  • Anvil Wheels:
    • ——CNC-machined in-house at our manufacturing plant
    • ——Anvil Wheels are heat-treated steel, hard-turned after heat treatment for concentricity
    • ——Anvil Wheels are standardized 2-½” diameters x 2” width
    • ——Mittler Brothers currently manufactures and sells the following Anvil Wheels:  a Flat Anvil Wheel, a 12” Radius Anvil Wheel, a 8-½” Radius Anvil Wheel, a 5” Radius Anvil Wheel, a 3-¼”  Radius Anvil Wheel, a 2-3/8” Radius Anvil Wheel, a 6-Piece Anvil Wheel Set (sizes:  12”, 8-½”, 5”, 3-¼”, and 2-3/8”), an Edging Anvil Wheel - Fournier 3” O.D. x ¾” with Flat, a Deep Reach Anvil Wheel - Fournier 3” O.D. x ¾” with Radius, and a Upper Wheel – 7” O.D.
  • Edging Anvil Wheel - Fournier 3” O.D. x 3/4" with Flat
  • Deep Reach Anvil Wheel - Fournier 3” O.D. x 3/4" with Radius
  • Optional Floor Stand with Locking Casters - an Optional Floor Stand for English Wheels offering locking casters, shop maneuverability, and a storage shelf for spare items or accessory parts

Contact Mittler Brothers about Our English Wheels for Sale

We hope that you will take a look at the Mittler Brothers English Wheels for Sale and accessories.  You may view images and product descriptions of these and other machine shop and metal fabrication equipment at our online store.

You may contact Mittler Brothers in Wright City, MO, at 636-745-7757 with any questions or for ordering assistance.  Also, you may call us toll-free at 800-467-2464.  Individual customers and businesses may also reach us by e-mail at: sales@mittlerbros.com.

You may request a copy of the printed 2015 product catalog for your business, or download the electronic copy from this page.