High Performance Racecar Shocks

High Performance Racecar Shocks Are Available at Tanner Racing Products

High-Performance Racecar Shocks Are Available Direct from Tanner Racing Products

Tanner Racing Products (Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool) has been committed for years to delivering high-performance racecar shocks for lightweight vehicle classes and a couple of standard-sized vehicle classes.  We supply NASCAR teams, truck racing teams and teams with dragsters, or teams involved with lighter weight vehicle classes such as Formula, Quarter Midgets, Bandoleros, MiniCup racers, Go-Karts and other vehicle styles.  We are pleased to offer some of the best high-performance racecar shocks, and we are very pleased to add racecar HydroShox to our product line.

Our high-performance racecar shocks include products in our light vehicle class automotive and racing Shocks & Springs:

  • Generation 2 Shocks - Generation 2 Standard Shocks (currently, six model options are available for sale) and Generation 2 Split Valve Shocks (currently, we have about two-dozen models available for sale)
  • Platinum 4 Shocks - currently, we have 16 model options available for sale
  • Quarter Midget Springs – shock models to fit standard Quarter Midget sizing at 3-½” and 5” models and we offer several different products in this class of shocks
  • Vision Shocks – currently, we offer eight model options available for sale
  • Shock Rebuilding Tools & Kits – Tanner Racing Products offers a considerable selection of miscellaneous shock parts, tools, accessories items, and miscellaneous products for mechanics who rebuild shocks for teams or in auto body/automotive repair businesses
  • Shock Service Parts – we offer a selection of standardized replacement parts and part upgrade options

Our most recent addition to our high-performance racecar shocks is the new racecar HydroShox for sale by Tanner Racing Products.  This new line of shocks continues to expand our product line of racecar and high-performance automotive shocks.  Some of the basic features and advantages for the standard HydroShox model includes:

  • —Fits Standard 2” I.D. (Interior Diameter) x 4” Tall Coil Over Springs
  • —One Hydraulic Unit controls all four of the cylinders in this model of shocks
  • —Hydraulic adjustability with damping of Coil Over Shocks
  • —4” of Hydraulic Cylinder travel
  • —3” of shock travel
  • —17-¾” eye-to-eye raised
  • —13-¾” eye-to-eye lowered
  • —Call for pricing on the new, standard HydroShox model
  • —Additional HydroShox models and high-performance racecar shocks are available soon!

Please call or email Tanner Racing Products (sales@mittlerbros.com) for additional details about additional models and availability, product release dates, or for additional product details about any of our high-performance racecar shocks including our new products, the automotive racing HydroShox brand. Additional shock sizes for racecars will be available soon.

Shop for High-Performance Racecar Shocks and Automotive Shop, Racing Machinery and Equipment at Tanner Racing Products

Tanner Racing Products offers racing teams a wide range of high-performance automotive racecar shocks as well as the primary products that your shop needs for replacement parts, upgrade options, systems for automotive calibration, and setting up, aligning and leveling your racecar for the best performance options.  Tanner Racing Products offers complete systems as well as miscellaneous products and items that are ideal for racing teams and for automotive businesses involved in work on high-performance vehicles.  Our products are available to help teams get the best performance that you can get on the racetrack…choose high-performance racecar shocks engineered for performance on the racetrack; and don’t forget the high-end shop equipment that you need to get the best performance of your current or a new racecar.

Our extensive line of machine shop equipment, machinery, equipment, product accessories, replacement parts and high-end automotive shop equipment includes, but is not limited to:

You can learn about these products at the Mittler Brothers online store where you can review specific product detail pages.  We do post a machinery demonstration videos on our site and we post shop machinery demonstration videos on our Mittler Brothers YouTube! Channel.  Also, follow our participation in racing events throughout the year including our sponsorship at Mittler Brothers Motorsports (MB Motorsports).

Purchase High-Performance Racecar Shocks and Automotive Systems Online at Tanner Racing Products

We encourage any racing teams, racecar owners, automotive business owners, mechanics, machinists, or individual DIYer customers to visit the Mittler Brothers online store and review the types of products that you need or are interested in trying.  You may purchase products including high-performance racecar shocks direct online.

You may contact Mittler Brothers about specific parts, racecar shocks or other products or with assistance placing an order.  If you need to give us a call, feel free call us locally in Wright City, Missouri, at 636-745-7757, or you can call us toll-free at 800-467-2464.  Also, your racing team, auto shop, or other business may reach our sales team at: sales@mittlerbros.com.

If you don’t have a copy of our current catalog, then please download the 2016 Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool and Tanner Racing Products catalog, or take a few moments to fill out the form to request a print copy for your team or business.