Platinum 4 Shock 4/6

Platinum 4 Shock 4/6Platinum 4 Shock 4/6
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The most innovative Shock/Dampener to address the small car market is the Platinum 4 from Tanner by Mittler. All new internal design components such as the High Flow Digressive Piston, improved seperator cavity balance, carbon fiber shim technology, Titanium Nitride coated shaft, and hybrid shaft seal are some of the reasons the Platinum 4 dominated the 2009 Quarter Midget Season. Internal digressive piston with carbon fiber shim technology allow the user to instantly revalve. Piston technology is very similar to that currently used in NASCAR racing.


"‰Û¢ New Separator Piston & Volume Balance ‰Û¢ New High Flow Digressive Control Piston ‰Û¢ User Re-valveable (No Piston Change Required) ‰Û¢ Pinch Style Spring Adjustment Collar ‰Û¢ New Hybrid Shaft Seal ‰Û¢ Titanium Nitride Coated Shaft"

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