Racecar Shocks and Suspension Kit

Advanced, High-Performance, HydroShox Racecar Shocks and Suspension Kit Is Now Available from Tanner Racing Products

New Racecar Shocks and Suspension Kit Is Now on Sale!

Tanner Racing Products (Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool) now offers a brand new, high-performance/high-precision, advanced, racecar Shocks and Suspension Kit developed with MRC Fabrication.  This set of shocks, cabling, parts and everything you need to use this racing HydroShox Suspension System.  This follows up two blog posts about this product release, and you may read the blog post, “Tanner Racing Products Now Sells the Advanced, New Racing HydroShox Suspension System” and you can learn more about this systems by reviewing our new, Automotive Racing HydroShox.

This new product release is designed and engineered for the high-performance demands of the racetrack.  Since many of us at Tanner Racing Products and Mittler Brothers are avid fans of racing in general, you might like to know that we sponsor a racing team and you can follow updates about events and races that our team participates in by visiting MB Motorsports (Mittler Brothers Motorsports).

New, Racing HydroShox Suspension System (HydroShox Kit) Features

The new, racing HydroShox Suspension System or kit is engineered and designed for high-performance applications, specifically, performance meeting the demands of the racetrack and the driver.  HydroShox are available in model variants with 4” or 5” inches of hydraulic travel; also, shocks may be set for 3” inches of shock travel.  The system is convenient to utilize and offers the look of airbags without the required air compressor.  The hydraulics offer drivers instant response and this maintains good ride quality and vehicle control.

Your new racecar Shocks and Suspension Kit, specifically, the racecar, HydroShox Shocks and Suspension Kit features and includes:

  • —Precision design and engineering for the high-performance demands of the racetrack
  • —CNC-machined HydroShox shock bodies
  • —Nickel-plated bodies
  • —Chrome-plated shock shafts
  • —12v Aluminum Hydraulic Pump
  • —3-quart Remote Fluid Reservoir
  • —Billet Hydraulic Manifold with flow controls
  • —Solenoid Valves control front and rear suspension independently
  • —Braided Stainless Steel hydraulic lines
  • —3” of shock travel
  • —4” or 5” hydraulic travel available depending on model selected
  • —Spring rates available from 350 lbs. to 2,000 lbs.# (calculate your spring rate)

Your new, racecar HydroShox Shocks and Suspension System Kit includes:  all of the parts that you need for installation; and, 4 HydroShox (specify 4” or 5” travel), 4 Coil Springs (specify rate), a 12v Hydraulic Pump, a Billet Hydraulic Manifold with Flow Controls and Solenoid Valves, a Remote Fluid Reservoir, a Switch Panel allowing for independent front and rear control, wiring from switch panel to pump and manifold, a pre-fabricated wire harness, bulk Stainless Steel braided hose and all fittings, 5 quarts of hydraulic oil, additional parts and all of the necessary fittings, and an instructional guide (manual).

Buy Your Advanced, High-Performance Racecar Shocks and Suspension Kit or Other Parts Direct from Tanner Racing Products

Tanner Racing Products is pleased to add our new, racecar HydroShox for sale to our expanding collection of high-performance automotive shocks and related parts options.  We offer our racing customers, their teams and mechanics some of the best high-performance shocks available on the market.

Tanner Racing Products sells Generation 2 Shocks, Generation 2 Standard Shocks (six model options available; please review the product pages for further details), and Generation 2 Split Valve Shocks (about two-dozen product/model options available; please review the product pages or contact us about choosing the right shocks and parts for your application)let us know what size shocks you need).  We also sell the highly-rated Platinum 4 Shocks (currently, 16 product/model options available), and Vision Shocks (eight product/model options available in our inventory).

Tanner Racing Products Sells Quarter Midget Springs, Brand Name Shock Parts, Valving Kits and Shock Service Parts

Tanner Racing Products also sells Quarter Midget Springs.  We have 3-½” and 5” model Quarter Midget Springs available from our current inventory.  We also sell a lot of lighter weight vehicle class shocks, springs, parts, automotive systems, equipment, machinery, optional accessories, and miscellaneous parts designed to fit most types of Quarter Midgets, as well as those lighter class vehicles (e.g. Bandoleros, Formula, MiniCup, and Go-Karts, for instance).  If your racing team, mechanic, pit crew, machine shop or automotive repair business is need of a supplier of high-performance shocks and springs, then by all means order direct from our current inventory at Mittler Brothers online.

Tanner Racing Products providers racing teams and automotive businesses with a wide range of individual parts, replacement or upgrade parts, and accessories.  We sell Shock Rebuilding Tools & Kits including: our standard Shock Rebuild Tool Kit, a 4-Way Valve Core Tool, a Deluxe Valve Core Tool, Deluxe Valve Core Tool & 10 Cores, Shock Oil, a Shock Inflation Tool, a Shock Inflation Adapter, Shock Body Jaws, Shock Jaws, a G1 Shock Oil Drip Cup, a G2/G3/P4 Shock Oil Drip Cup, and a Universal Shock Wrench.

Additionally, we sell even more parts options available in our Shock Service Parts product category—please review the product category as we have a wide range of Valving Kits, seals, bushings, O-rings, rings, piston shims, shims, Shim Hats, separator pistons, shaft seals, shock shafts, rebuild kit parts, cones, Cone Spacers, Valve Cores. Adjustment Nuts, our Quad Flow Master Valving Kit, a Quad Flow Piston with Shim Hats, and many other related products.  FYI—some of these items in the Shock Service Parts category are brand-specific parts.

Contact Tanner Racing Products for Your Racecar Shocks and Suspension Kit(s) and Racing Machinery, Equipment, Tools and Parts

Racing teams, mechanics, machinists, automotive repair businesses, auto body shops, or any automotive or machine shops interested in purchasing our new, racecar Shocks and Suspension Kit or other products ma order direct at our e-commerce store.  You can also reach the sales department by e-mail at: sales@mittlerbros.com.  You may contact Mittler Brothers or feel free to give us a call at 636-745-7757 or at 800-467-2464.

Also, if your racing team or other business needs options including financing service, can learn about our Commercial Equipment Financing Service from our blog, or go direct our commercial financing page at Mittler Brothers online.

Individual customers, racing teams, shops and other businesses may download the 2016 Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool and Tanner Racing Products catalog or you may request a print copy.