Racing Scales Roll Back Trays

Racing Scales Roll Back Trays and Accessories Are Available Direct from Tanner Racing Products

Racing Scales Roll Back Trays for 1” Scales Only, Additional Roll Back Trays

Tanner Racing Products (Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool) continues to expand our product line racecar related parts, equipment, machinery, diagnostics and machine shop or auto shop products.  We offer high-end automotive equipment mainstays particularly high-end products for racecars.  Our new Racing Scales Roll Back Trays is an essential product to have at an auto body shop, and automotive repair business, or for racing teams requiring highly-accurate, precision weight scales.

We are now offer new WiFi Scales system (1” Tall Wireless Scales) and our new Roll Racing Scales Roll Back Tray (Billet Roll Back Trays for 1” Scales).  Our Racing Scales Roll Back Trays work with the new 1” WiFi Scales, and offer Billet Roll Back Trays for use with our other automotive products.

Our new, compact Billet Roll Back Trays for 1” Scales features and benefits include:

  • —Extremely durable design, compact billet Racing Scales Roll Back Trays
  • —Redesigned automotive weight scales are half the weight of our previous standard RaceScales model
  • —Slim-line scales are more compact, but offer an even sturdier design—twice the strength of previous comparable models
  • —1” Tall Wireless Scales with Roll Back Trays with available
  • —1” Tall Wired Scales Roll Back Trays available
  • —Billet, Racing Scales Roll Back Trays are available only for 1” WiFi Scales
  • —Aircraft Aluminum style engineering, fabrication and construction
  • —Easy to use product whether you are at the machine shop or the racetrack; it is designed for easy portability
  • —The new, Billet Roll Back Tray for 1-Inch WiFi Scales are a convenient size and are easy to store
  • —The new, Billet Roll Back Tray for 1-Inch WiFi Scales is available for purchase as a separate product item; Racing Scales, Roll Back Trays, accessories, and related parts or items are all sold individually or separately

We haven’t stopped producing the other Racing Scales Roll Back Trays designed for use with our standard 1” Wired RaceScales system from Tanner Racing Products.  We still manufacture 1” Wired RaceScales with Roll Back Trays or 1" Tall Wireless Scales with Roll Back Trays.

Additionally, Tanner Racing Products produces popular 3” Tall RaceScales Pads with a 6,000 lbs. rated maximum capacity with an overall load maximum capacity of 1,500 lbs. per individual pad.  We now offer wired versions of automotive weight scales that are now wired using USB style connections.

Learn about Tanner Racing Products Racing Scales, Pads and Accessories

Tanner Racing Products is pleased to expand our current high-performance, automotive product line with convenient to use, innovatively designed, highly accurate automotive diagnostic equipment.  These scales, weight pads and related equipment are essential pieces of equipment if you team is a professional team or you race a local circuit.  We produce and/or sell a wide range of Racing Scales, pads, accessories and systems for heavier cars such as for NASCAR or truck racing series, and for a range of lightweight racing vehicle classes such as Bandoleros, dragsters, Formula, Go-Karts, MiniCup racers, Quarter Midgets and related style vehicles.

If you need weight scales for your racing team, mechanic(s) and pit crew, Tanner Racing Products Racing Scales, weight pads, Roll Back Trays and essential accessory items for vehicle testing, accuracy, verification of car weight readouts.  Also, we sell alignment equipment, leveling equipment, set up equipment, and other types of racing equipment, hardware, parts, and advanced integrated systems utilizing Tanner Racing Products software.

We encourage you to take a few moments to review Tanner Racing Products RaceScales product category where you can learn more about our Racing Scales, Racing Scale Pads, Racing Scales Roll Back Trays, and related product:

Tanner Racing Products currently offers a range of Scale Accessories for wired and wireless systems.  Businesses, racing teams or individuals may purchase Replacement Scale Pads, Racing Scales Roll Back Tray, Billet Roll Back Trays, Roll Back Tray with Steel Feet, a Scale Control Box Case, a Wireless Handheld Control Box, a Replacement Wireless Handheld Antenna, RaceScale Boxes with 10’ and 18’ cables, a Wire Scale Battery Pack, a Scale Cart (a convenient-to-use storage cart for your entire scales system, pads and/or other scale accessories), 10” Risers, a Steel Leveling Foot, cables, connectors, a Replacement Scale Charger, and various other miscellaneous items.

Additional Automotive Shop and Racing Systems and Equipment

Your racing team, automotive business, shop or repair shop, or individual customers can order Racing Scales and Roll Back Trays as well as any accessories or related items.  We also offer several other types of equipment and systems for machine shop/auto body shop/automotive repair, and/or racing teams.

You may visit the Mittler Brothers online store in order to learn more about Racing Scales, Roll Back Trays and RaceScales Pads, or take a look at shop options including: the Accu-Lign alignment system, Adjustment Tools, a Bump Stop Adjustor, Bump Steer Gauges, our Extreme Tire Management system, Leveling Tools, Pull Down Rigs, Set Up Equipment, Shocks, Springs and Rebuild Kits, a Small Car Chassis Dyno, data recording devices, and miscellaneous parts, accessories and optional products.

Contact Tanner Racing Products to Purchase Racing Scales Roll Back Trays

You may request a printed copy of our current catalog or you can download the 2016 Tanner Racing Products and Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool catalog right now for your reference.

Contact Tanner Racing Products for more information and product details about Racing Scales Roll Back Trays, our related systems and equipment, or for any of our high-performance, automotive racing shop equipment and systems.  You may call us in Wright City, Missouri, at 636-745-7757, or, you may call us toll-free at 800-467-2464.  You may contact the sales team at Tanner Racing Products by email at: [email protected].