Roll Back Tray for 1-Inch WiFi Scales

Roll Back Tray for 1” WiFi Scales Are Now Available from the Manufacturer

Tanner Racing Products Now Offers Roll Back Tray for 1” WiFi Scales

Tanner Racing Products and Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool are expanding our product line of racing scales, automotive weight scales, pads, pressure reading equipment, and accessories with new WiFi Scales (Wireless Radio Frequency Scales), as well as a new Roll Back Tray for the 1” WiFi Scales model.  Tanner Racing Products is the side of our manufacturing company that produces a wide range of products designed for use with various racing circuits.  If you happen to participate in racing or you have an automotive repair shop or related company, our highly accurate RaceScales, new 1” Pads, a new Roll Back Tray for 1” WiFi Scales, new control devices, and multiplatform access to your data, are the ideal solution to verifying weight data at the racetrack.

Tanner Racing Products produces and sell reliable, durable and versatile automotive data recording tool options as well.  Take a look at our new 1” WiFi Scales and related products for your racing team or automotive business.  You can review Tanner Racing Products RaceScales at our e-commerce store.

Tanner Racing Products sells direct to businesses, to racing teams, and to individual retail customers.  You may contact Tanner Racing Products and Mittler Brothers for help purchasing any of inventory stock items or if you need additional product information.  You can reach us toll-free at 800-467-2464.  Businesses may e-mail our sales team at: [email protected].

Billet Roll Back Tray for 1” Scales Only and Additional Roll Back Trays

Tanner Racing Products is expanding our product line of shop and automotive equipment mainstays with new WiFi Scales and also a new Roll Back Tray for use with our 1” WiFi Scales.  This applies to the WiFi products listed in our automotive weight scales category.

We are expanding this product line with new, Billet Roll Back Trays for 1” Scales that are durable and portable and are designed specifically as a new piece of equipment to work with our new WiFi Scales and Tanner’s new, Wireless Radio Frequency Scales system.

Our new, compact Billet Roll Back Trays for 1” Scales features and benefits include:

  • —Extremely durable design that is compact
  • —Redesigned scales are now only half the weight of previous standard RaceScales models
  • —Even though these slim-line scales are more compact, they offer increased durability (twice the strength of previous comparable models)
  • —1” Tall Wireless Scales with Roll Back Trays are available
  • —1” Tall Wired Scales with Roll Back Trays available
  • —Billet Roll Back Tray only for 1” WiFi Scales
  • —Aircraft Aluminum style construction
  • —An easy to use product at the shop or the racetrack
  • —Easily moved as needs, easy portability
  • —The new Billet Roll Back Tray for 1-Inch WiFi Scales is easy to store
  • —The new Billet Roll Back Tray for 1-Inch WiFi Scales is available as a separate item since scales, other Roll Back Trays and accessories are all sold separately

You can still purchase the other Roll Back Trays that are engineered for use with our standard 1” Wired RaceScales system.  We still offer 1” Wired RaceScales with Roll Back Trays or 1" Tall Wireless Scales with Roll Back Trays.

We do offer a popular model of 3” Tall RaceScales Pads that have 6,000 lbs. maximum capacity overall with a maximum load capacity of 1,500 lbs. per pad.  We now offer wired versions of some of our automotive weight scales that now come wired using USB style connections.

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If you need weight scales for a racing teams, our Roll Back Tray for 1-Inch WiFi Scales, which is an essential accessory for your testing, verification, and readouts of car weight.  We sell leveling equipment, alignment equipment, other types of racing accessories and parts as well as Roll Back Tray for 1-Inch WiFi Scales to go with your new Tanner Racing Products WiFi scales.

We are pleased to continue to expand our current product line with innovative, convenient, and highly accurate automotive diagnostic equipment.  These scales are an essential piece of equipment for pretty much any team involved in NASCAR, Formula, Bandolero, drag racing, truck series, Quarter Midgets, or for other lightweight racing vehicles.

Be sure to take a few moments to review Tanner Racing Products RaceScales, automotive Scales/Scale Pads, Roll Back Trays, accessories and related product:

Our product line of Scale Accessories includes a wide range of types of products.  We have Replacement Scale Pads, Roll Back Trays, Billet Roll Back Trays, Roll Back Tray with Steel Feet, a Scale Control Box Case, a Wireless Handheld Control Box, a Replacement Wireless Handheld Antenna, RaceScale Boxes with 10’ and 18’ cables, a Wire Scale Battery Pack, a Scale Cart (a convenient-to-use storage cart for your entire scales system, pads and/or other scale accessories), 10” Risers, a Steel Leveling Foot, cables, connectors, a Replacement Scale Charger, and other miscellaneous items.

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You can learn more about our entire product line of new Wireless Radio Frequency Scale products online at the Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products online store, or contact us for more product details about any of our wired weight scales for racing uses, general automotive businesses, for individual use, or even for experimental aircraft and aviation projects.

You may call us locally at 636-745-7757 in Wright City, Missouri, or businesses or customers may call us toll-free at 800-467-2464.  You may contact the sales team at: [email protected].