5" Hydroshox Kit, Bearing Mount (4)


Do you want the look of airbags but don't want to wait for the air compressor all the time? Do you like the instant response of hydraulics but want to maintain good ride quality? Do you want to keep your trunk or truck bed space to use for something other than batteries, pumps, valves or air tanks?

Then you need Hydroshox!

Mittler Bros Machine & Tool has combined the raise and lower ability of hydraulics with the latest coil over shock technology providing the ability to raise and lower your vehicle up to 5" instantly while maintaining a comfortable ride at any height.

The CNC machined bodies are nickel plated for good looks and corrosion resistance and with a 2-7/8" diameter upper tube can be installed even in tight places. They include up to 5" of hydraulic travel as well as 3" of shock travel with coil over spring rates available from 400# to 2000#. The included 12v hydraulic pump is very compact allowing a clean installation under the vehicle in most cases. A billet aluminum hydraulic manifold with included flow controls can operate the front and rear independently.

Hydroshox kits are not vehicle specific. The end user is responsible for selecting the kit that will work best for their car and fabricating shock mounts to make the system fit if necessary. Detailed drawings of the shocks and additional components can be found under the Manuals tab. How the shocks are mounted has a big effect on what spring rate will be required. Use this spring rate calculator (Click Here to calculate spring rate) to help you determine what spring rates you will need for your particular vehicle and mounting location.

Hydroshox Features:

  • Nickel plated bodies
  • Chrome plated shock shafts
  • 3" shock travel
  • 12v hydraulic pump with aluminum 3 quart remote fluid reservoir
  • Billet hydraulic manifold with flow controls and solenoid valves to control
  • front and rear independently
  • Braided stainless steel hydraulic lines
  • 4" or 5" hydraulic travel available
  • Spring rates available from 400# - 2,000# (Click Here to calculate spring rate)

Kit Includes:

  • (4) 5" Travel Bearing Mount
  • (4) Coil Springs (specify rate)
  • (1) 12v hydraulic pump
  • (1) Remote fluid reservoir
  • (1) Billet hydraulic manifold with flow controls and solenoid valves
  • (1) Switch panel with independent front and rear control
  • (5) Quarts of hydraulic oil
  • Wiring from switch panel to pump and manifold
  • DIY bulk stainless braided hose and all fittings
  • Installation instructions
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