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Metal Shaper Machine, Workstation, English Wheels, Anvils and Accessories for Sheet Metal Fabrications

The Metal Shaping Machinery Your Shop Requires

Choose to purchase a Metal Shaper machine, workstation, English Wheels, anvils and accessory parts that your racing team, auto body shop, automotive repair shop or industrial workshop requires direct from the Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products online store. Mittler Brothers manufactures a wide range of metal shaper machinery and accessories for general to complex sheet metal fabrications.

If you own an automotive repair shop, an auto body shop, or are part of a racing team on the NASCAR circuit (or a lighter vehicle category circuit such as Bandolero, Formula 1s, quarter midgets, or go-karts), then you already know that new Metal Shapers, a workstation, an English Wheel, anvils, and accessories are essential tools of the trade. Your new machinery from Mittler Brothers will allow you to make general, sheet metal fabrication repairs, replace automotive panels, hoods, or perform general customization for vehicles and other uses.

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Metal Shaper Machine, Stand and Accessory Parts

Mittler’s metal shaper machinery is ideal for automotive sheet metal fabrications, but our products are used frequently for general aviation panel/skin fabrications and a wide range of other machine shop or industrial uses. We do tailor much of our machinery for automotive applications.

Some of the standardized features of our Metal Shaper Machine and Metal Shaper Station include:

  • Metal Shaper Station with stand or workstation is CNC-machined and engineered with a heat-treated steel frame, six standard Lower Anvil Wheels, a Forming Head, an Upper Wheel “CAM” Release Foot Operated Shrinker/Stretcher with Jaws, and a 12” Shot Bag
  • The metal shaping workstation or work cell allows easy hammering and blocking so you can pre-form custom steel or aluminum parts, particularly replacement panels from your sheet metal
  • The maximum working capacity is 10 gauge soft aluminum (.100”) or 16 gauge mild steel sheet metals
  • Rolls case-hardened metals as well
  • Effective working height is up to a maximum of 47” with a 52” width, and a 55” depth
  • Complete wheeling of aluminum or steel sheet metal, raising and final finishing sheet metal panels
  • This machinery allows for general sheet metal fabrication including shrinking and stretching applications
  • This station also allows the user to utilize planishing for sheet metals

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products also sells a wide English Wheel accessories, additional Shrinker/Stretcher equipment and accessories, Planishing Hammers, Power Hammers and accessory parts. If you require a different setup for an English Wheel, we also sell an Unwelded Standard Bench Mount English Wheel Kit and Standard English Wheel Kit, or you can choose a Bench Mount English Wheel, or a Free-Standing Floor Model English Wheel. Mittler Bros. also sells floor stands and an assortment of anvil wheels and accessories to fulfill your sheet metal fabrication requirements.

Additional Metal Shaping Machinery and Parts

For racing teams, automotive restoration enthusiasts, auto body shops, or anyone interested in expanding their company’s fabrication capacity, we are pleased to offer customers the Jamey Jordan Signature Series (bead rollers and sheet metal fabrication/shaping tools and accessories) and additional metal art supplies. We have metal fabrication tools, metal working tools and many categories of metal fabrication equipment and accessory parts.

Review the metal shaping machinery and product options available at the Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products online store for additional information.

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