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Choose low profile slip plates and racing adjustment tools designed for racing cars and general automotive use.  Our no maintenance, bearingless and greaseless 15˚ and 20˚ slip plates and related adjustment equipment are ideal for racing customization and general auto body and repair shops.  Slip plates from Mittler Brothers Machine and Tool/Tanner Racing Products are designed to last.  We also fabricate a range of adjustment tools that are ideal for any shop.

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Low Profile, No Maintenance Slip Plates and Automotive Adjustment Equipment

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products offers a range of slip plates, related equipment and accessories for racing teams, auto body shops and repair shops.  Many of products are designed for quick use and/or easy access.  Choose the slip plates and related equipment that you need for your team or shop.

Our slip plates and related equipment includes:

With Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products, you know you are purchasing some of the best automotive alignment equipment on the market.  Be sure to choose our low profile, easy-to-use, no maintenance slip plates, other alignment equipment, accessories and handy tools.

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