Double Headed Power Hammer

Double Headed Power HammerDouble Headed Power Hammer
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Shaping, Shrinking & Stretching, and Soft Dies allow you to create compound shapes quickly & easily. The upper hammer stroke is adjustable to help produce the general shape and complete the finish work as well. A leather strap & leaf spring support the upper die assembly, which provides a cushioned blow that closely simulates shaping metal with a bossing mallet and shot bag. This allows a more controlled movement of the metal, unlike other methods which use metal to metal dies.

Product Description

Includes One Full Set of Power Hammer Dies (8 Dies)


Two Power Hammer Assemblies Mounted on Fabricated Upper & Lower Arm Weldments,

Assembled & Mounted on Pedestal,

Adjustments & Calibrations Properly Set,

Factory Tested,

Throat Depth: 26”

1 Horsepower Motor

Approx 900 Blows Per Minute

Based on 60 lb. Yoder M2 Hammer

Ships Truck Freight - Approx. 2000 lbs.

Part #: 4200-100

Availability: In stock