Hydroshox Ride Controller 4/5"

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Do you have an existing Hydroshox system on your ride? Do you want an upgrade? Mittler Bros has paired the AccuAir E-Level+ to the Hydroshox to provide height control for your vehicle! As one of the most highly anticipated, next-generation suspension controllers, AccuAir’s e-Level+ allows you to take your Hydroshox system to the next level. AccuAir’s ECU+ can be used with the Touchpad+ inside the vehicle, and can also allow you to have wireless control over your Hydroshox system through the E-Level+ app. The Touchpad+ allows you to easily control your Hydroshox from the palm of your hand from inside your vehicle. With the TouchPad+ you can have individual 4 corner control, or you can use the 1,2, and 3 buttons to automatically adjust your ride height to your predetermined height setup. This kit only includes the components needed to adapt your E-level+ components to the Hydroshox including the sensor mounts, guide rods, sensors, pump relays and wiring harnesses. It does not include the necessary AccuAir components including the AA-3640 Touchpad+, AA-3638 ECU+, or the AA-3674 adapter harness.


      • (8) Upper Sensor Mounts
      • (4) Lower Sensor Mounts
      • (4) Linear Potentiometers
      • (4) Guide Rods
      • (1) Sensor wiring harness
      • (1) Power wiring harness
      • (1) Manifold wiring harness
      • (1) Pump Relay Bank
      • Installation instructions


Product Manual Ride-Controller-Installation-Instructions.pdf
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