Power Hammer Machinery for Sale

Mittler Brothers Has Power Hammer Machinery Available for Sale

Order Power Hammer Equipment Direct from Manufacturer Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool for Shop

Durable, Single Head and Double-Headed Power Hammers are for sale direct from Missouri manufacturer, Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool (Tanner Racing Products). Mittler Brothers designs, engineers, and manufactures a wide range of useful machine shop machinery, equipment, tools, tooling and accessories in the U.S., in fact, just west of the St. Louis metropolitan region in Missouri.  We ship our Power Hammers and related accessory products or replacement parts to machine shops, manufacturing and industrial company job shops, to auto body shops, automotive repair businesses, sheet metal fabrication and customization shops, to racing teams, and other businesses nationwide.  You can rely on our well-built, solidly engineered, and versatile Power Hammer machinery to get the job done!

Whether you own a businesses, order for machinists and machine shops, run a small- or mid-sized manufacturing or industrial business, or Maintenance and Repair Operations (MROs) in HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical, general construction, or other related businesses, our Power Hammer machinery can assist your employees in a wide variety of tasks.  For companies needing custom solutions for industrial or manufacturing purposes, please feel free to contact us about your requirements.  We offer business design, engineering and manufacturing assistance for custom, industrial automation equipment and machinery that meets specific job/task or production requirements.

Contact Mittler Brothers for ordering assistance or to answer questions for your business about the capacity and versatility of our Power Hammer machinery for sale, or about other products and services.  You may call Mittler Brothers toll-free, nationwide at (800) 467-2464, or locally at (636) 745-7757.

Choose the Power Hammer Machinery for Sale at Mittler Brothers that Meets Your Daily Operations Tasks

You can always discuss your job shop’s production needs with someone at Mittler Brothers so you know that you are always choosing the best equipment or machinery that we build that corresponds with, and meets your company’s needs for general production equipment.  At Mittler Brothers, we design, engineer, and fabricate all of our Power Hammer equipment, accessories, and other metal fabrication equipment and machinery to meet the specific requirements of machine shops to automotive businesses/racing teams, and other types of fabrication job shops or machinist shops for industrial and manufacturing companies.

These Power Hammer machinery for sale by Mittler Brothers are designed, engineered, manufactured, assembled and tested to meet our very high production standards and stringent design specifications.  Our Power Hammers, accessories, tooling, and other shop equipment are necessary tools for daily operations for many types of businesses including sheet metal fabrication work, automotive repairs, construction-related businesses, and for a wide variety of customization work or parts production.

Your equipment and accessory options in our current product line of Power Hammer machinery for sale includes:

  • Power Hammer (Single Head) – Single Head Power Hammer can be integrated into Power Hammer equipment setups; manufactured with a durable steel body construction; additionally, capacity is approximately 900 blows/strikes per minute and the design is corresponds to standard, 60lb. Yoder M2 Hammer; 1 Horsepower Motor; this product is ideal for quick fabrication tasks including complex bends, curves and shapes as well as a cushioned blow resembling shot bag and bossing mallet techniques; user can control sheet metal movement; Upper and Lower Arm Weldments and a pedestal sold separately
  • Single Head Power Hammer Kit – please review product specifications; include one Power Hammer Assembly that is mounted on fabricated Upper and Lower Arm Weldments; cushioned blows allow for complex sheet metal shaping and bends; this item is assembled and mounted with a pedestal; we factory-test and adjust the calibrations on this Power Hammer kit before shipping; this model offers a 26” Throat Depth, a 1 Horsepower Motor capable of about 900 strikes per minute; this model is based on the standard 60lb. Yoder M2 Hammer design
  • Double Headed Power Hammer – controlled movement for complex sheet metal fabrications normally performed with bossing mallets and shot bags; this Power Hammer machinery for sale offers two Power Hammer Assemblies that are mounted on fabricated Upper Arm and Lower Arm Weldments; assemblies are pedestal mounted; factory-tested Power Hammers with accurate calibrations and proper adjustments; this product has a 26” Throat Depth; a 1 Horsepower motor drives about 900 blows per minute; this model design is based upon the standard 60lb. Yoder M2 Hammer design
  • Fabricated Arms – Upper Arm and Lower Arm Weldments engineered to support Mittler Brothers Power Hammer Kits; price includes arm mounting of on ordered Power Hammer Kits; our Fabricated Arms are factory-tested and accurately calibrated; Power Hammer and Power Hammer Pedestal sold separately
  • Power Hammer Pedestal – steel-plated Power Hammer Pedestal designed specifically for our Power Hammer machinery; pedestal dimensions are 12” x 12” x ½” Wall with an 84” High Tube mounted upon a 4’ x 4’ x 1” Thick Base Plate; Power Hammer Kits and Fabricated Arms are sold separately
  • Upper Arm and Lower Arm Weldment and Pedestal Drawings – product drawings for machinists who wish to fabricate Power Hammer equipment in-house—includes design drawings, specifications; these drawings are included with sales of Power Hammer Kits; all other Power Hammer products are sold separately
  • Power Hammer Dies – precision-machined dies made from very high quality steel; dies are included with the Double-Headed Power Hammer Kit (additional accessories for other product models); available Power Hammer Dies are: Complete Dies Sets or individual dies including a Blank Die, a Flat Die, a 4” Radius Bottom Die, a 6” Radius Bottom Die, a 12” Radius Bottom Die, a 24” Radius Bottom Die, Shrinking Set Dies, Soft Set Dies, and also Stretching Set Dies

Learn more about Power Hammers and review available Power Hammer products and accessories, which are ideal tools for small machine shops, automotive repair shops, machinist’s shops or auto body shops and for racing teams.

Please review the individual product detail pages listed above for all of the product descriptions, specifications, related parts and part specifications (e.g. Anvil(s), Clutch Return Spring, Clutch Idler Pulley with Bolt & Spacer, Flywheel, motors, Motor Pulley(s), Pillow Block Bearing(s), Ram, Rod End Bearings, Spring & Belting, and all belts and hardware, etc.) images of the equipment/machinery, as well as pricing and shipping information—you may order direct, online at MittlerBrothers.com.

Please note that Mittler Bros. ships this Power Hammer machinery for sale, Power Hammer Kits, pedestals, heads, fabricated arms, as well as weldments via truck freight.  If you need assistance determining the correct Power Hammer equipment and accessories for you company’s operations, then contact Mittler Brothers.

Visit Mittler Brothers Online to View Our Power Hammer Machinery for Sale or Contact Us for Assistance

Visit the Mittler Brothers online e-commerce store to learn more about the Power Hammer machinery for sale that is manufactured and calibrated at our production facility.  We also offer a wide range of other useful sheet metal fabrication equipment and accessories.  You can learn more about Mittler Brothers on our YouTube channel, and you can find machinery demonstration videos available for review as well.

Contact Mittler Brothers with any questions you have before ordering machinery, or give us a call at (636) 745-7757, or at (800) 467-2464.  If you have product inquiries or questions about specific products and machinery details, feel free to contact our sales department by e-mail at: sales@mittlerbros.com.