180-degree Manual Tube Bender w/ Degree Wheel & Ecc Roll


The 180 degree manual pipe bender is great for those special projects, such as safety loops, that don't require a larger, more expensive bender. They can also be used on kart nerf bars, bumpers, and aircraft tubing. The benders have a built-in degree wheel--perfect for finding that right angle--and can be used with round and square shoes from 3/8 to 1 inch in diameter. 

The manual tube bender is very simple to use. Simply insert your tube into the bender, pull follow roller into contact with the tube, loosen thumb screw and rotate the degree dial so "0" aligns with the arrow. Pull follow roll until the arrow aligns with the degree of bend desired.


3/8”- 1” OD Tube

.049” Wall to .095” Wall

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